My first encounter with the ASUU strike was in 2013. I was fresh out of secondary school, eager to resume my University education…then the strike started and lasted 11 months. Due to my limited knowledge of the University system or required skills, I wasted most of those months sitting idle at home (asides from ìgbà tí mo n k’ọṣẹ́ sewing😂😂😂). When I eventually came into the light of knowledge, I promised myself never to waste such opportunities again.

I’m concerned about some students that are not using their time productively in this ongoing #strike.

I organized a bootcamp for these students. A period where they can:
-be involved in project-based learning ✅
-work together in teams to solve problems ✅
-learn industry-relevant and research skills ✅
-meet senior colleagues once in a while, who can inspire and guide them✅
-brush up on their school work and meet people ✅

I need ideas on pulling this off, such as:
1. Volunteers or those willing to collaborate.
2. Technical expertise (experts to act as a guide for the students)
3. Problems for the students to solve. (yes, we need clearly defined problems 😃)
Tell us all the problems of Nigeria that we can get busy solving.
4. Sponsors
5. Ideas on features to make this work.

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Oluwagbemisola Olaniyan

Oluwagbemisola is the brain behind the "This Is Engineering" bootcamp. As the co-founder of Alo-Timeys Ltd, she is passionate about Engineering education in Nigeria and the impact of engineering in nation building.

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