Timothy and Oluwagbemisola,co-founders of Alo-Timeys Ltd and proud alumni of the Mechanical Engineering department at Obafemi Awolowo University, first crossed paths amidst the bustling corridors and lecture halls of their university. As college students, they were drawn together by a shared passion for engineering and education, which soon blossomed into a deeper connection. Over the course of their studies, their bond strengthened, turning study sessions into late-night conversations and shared dreams for the future. 


Welcome to the FOREX PHD podcast, your go-to source for actionable tips and real-world experience from Timothy Alo. Whether you’re a beginner looking to start your FOREX journey or an experienced trader seeking to improve your skills, this podcast is for you.

Timothy outlines his vision for the podcast: to share his personal approach to the forex market (mechanical strategy), including his wins and losses, to help you navigate the ups and downs of trading. He’ll be joined by fellow traders who are still learning and those who have achieved success, providing a comprehensive perspective on the FOREX market.


Join us as we sit down with graduate school students in the USA and beyond, on how they got into grad school and their experiences.

It provides prospective and current students with engaging information about programs and life. It’s a unique resource for those navigating graduate studies, and those intending to join.


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