Students all over the world want or sometimes need to be independent. They must pay their bills, loans, food, and many other things. It often becomes difficult to meet financial needs, especially for engineering students. We face a tough time managing our studies and a side hustle simultaneously. If you are an engineering student and want to have a stable life financially and educationally, then, first of all, you must learn to monetize your engineering skills.

Here, we have gathered a step-by-step guide to help you in monetizing your skills:


  • Analyze your skillset

The first thing you need to do is to think! Just relax your mind and list what you are good at or what you like to do in your leisure time—reading, writing, photography, tutoring, coding, problem-solving, etc. The good news is, this is when you can even make lots and lots of money just by following your hobbies.

Generally, it is observed that engineering students are exceptionally good at technical and logical skills. Sometimes they are also remarkable in other fields like music, art, or literature.

The critical rule of skill monetization is to understand your skills, acknowledge them, and value them.

  • Find a suitable market for your skillset

After you get a complete list of your skills, you need to find a market for them. Start your research (online and offline), find people who have the same skill set as you, and visit places, websites, and stores. In short, try to expand your exposure in every possible way.

  • Create a portfolio

Now that you have understood your skillset and have profound knowledge about the job market, all you need to do is to create an impressive portfolio. Your portfolio should contain samples of your work, be it technical writing, blogging, or whatever.

  • Market your skillset;

This is the most crucial skill monetization step, although it is also a skill in itself! It is mainly found that although engineers are very talented human beings with outstanding technical skills, they lack communication skills. Engineering students should spend quality time developing their soft skills. They should learn and improve their marketing, sales, business and negotiation skills. Anyone who acquires these would have no problem introducing themselves in the market. Engineering students should market themselves in such a way that they inspire employers and other business owners.

  • Start Earning

Your skills are your greatest asset. Now that you have proclaimed yourself as a skillful person, there are many options for you to start earning part-time. This will enable you to pay your loans and help set up a strong career background.

Here we have gathered a few ways to start earning money while in school.

a)     Apprenticeship

Engineering students can work as an apprentice in small firms. This way, they can get a fair awareness of the company environment and an understanding of their skill level. You should choose your field within the company wisely, as this experience will be the building block of your career. If you work in the field of your choice, it can open doors for fantastic opportunities.

b)     Freelancing

Thanks to the internet, engineering students can earn considerable money just by doing freelance work. Be it search engine evaluation, technical writing, Transcription writing, programming, software testing, or just reviewing!

c)     Online/Offline Tutoring

Since engineering students are good at science, technology engineering, and mathematics, they can easily tutor other students from schools, colleges, or junior semesters. This will also help them to recall their previous studies.

d)     Blogging

Engineering students can make technical blogs, lifestyle blogs, review blogs, or any other type of blog. This can be a significant source of income for many students. The only skill required to become a successful blogger is writing.

e)     Vlogging

Vlogging is also a well-renowned source of income for many people. Engineering students can make exciting video lectures and upload them to any subject they like. Just like blogging, Vlogging can also be any topic of your choice.

f)      E-Book Writing

 Since engineering students have good command over many skills, they can easily earn by writing e-books and publishing them on Kindle or any other platform.

  • Stay happy

After you start earning a good amount, give a treat to your friends and family, and try to stay happy, optimistic, and hopeful. Sometimes things work, and sometimes they won’t, but you shouldn’t stress over it. Give your all to whatever task you perform and hope for the best. Enjoy this time of your life to the fullest. Student life is one of the best parts of one’s life—happy earnings.

Oluwagbemisola Olaniyan

Oluwagbemisola Olaniyan

Oluwagbemisola is the brain behind the "This Is Engineering" bootcamp. As the co-founder of Alo-Timeys Ltd, she is passionate about Engineering education in Nigeria and the impact of engineering in nation building.

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