Do you recall that moment when your TV remote suddenly became unresponsive due to the
battery connector becoming rusty? You improvised, using an iron to delicately scrape away the
corrosion, ensuring a proper connection with the battery. And then, like magic, the remote sprang
back to life, obediently responding to your commands. The sheer joy of reclaiming control from
your favorite chair, wielding the resurrected remote, was awesome. In that instance, you became
the hero of your own story, triumphantly solving a vexing problem.

And what about that charger that never seemed to work properly? You had to twist and turn it
just to get your phone to charge. But you figured it out and got your phone charging again. You
solved another problem for yourself!

Problem-Solving: A Universal Skill
What is a problem? A problem is simply anything that presents a difficulty or needs a solution.
We all possess this inherent ability to identify problems, find solutions, and implement them. It’s
the magic sauce that allows us to navigate daily life. This problem-solving prowess fuels our
adaptability and survival in this ever-changing world.

Engineers take problem-solving to a whole new level. They’re the scientific warriors who tackle
challenges with a scientific approach. This means they leverage scientific knowledge and
mathematical principles to design and build solutions. They often wield specialized software and
technical skills like a modern-day problem-solving toolkit.

Here’s where the line gets drawn:
● You’re a problem-solver: You creatively bypass a long route by creating a shortcut
through someone’s yard.
● You’re not quite an engineer: while humans can intuitively bridge a river with a simple
plank, engineers utilize complex calculations to design and build a sturdy bridge.

The Takeaway: Problem-Solving for All, Engineering for Some
While everyone possesses the ability to solve problems, engineers use a specific, scientific
approach to tackle technical problems, often resulting in tangible creations. So next time you fix
a leaky faucet or navigate a tricky situation, pat yourself on the back for your awesome problem-
solving skills! And who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to delve deeper into the fascinating
world of engineering!

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Oluwagbemisola is the brain behind the "This Is Engineering" bootcamp. As the co-founder of Alo-Timeys Ltd, she is passionate about Engineering education in Nigeria and the impact of engineering in nation building.

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