“Programming” is a word we all are very familiar with. But, do you know the basics of this highly demanded technical process? No problem! Here we will give you a brief introduction to computer program design.

What is a program?

A program is a set of instructions written in a language understandable by the computer to perform a particular function on a computer.

Specifications of a High-quality program;

Following are some most anticipated features of a good program;

a)     Portability

A program should transfer from one computer environment to another without any failure. To explain, it should easily compile and run on various platforms.

b)     Efficiency

A high-quality program must take less space and should easily convert to machine language. Additionally, its algorithm must be effective at high speed during the runtime execution of the program.

c)     Sustainability

The maintenance of a good program should be easy and have the quality to meet new requirements quickly. Besides, improving a program and fixing its errors should be easy.

d)     Uniformity

Since users’ requirements vary from time to time, a good program must be reliable to execute smoothly in every version. In other words, it should give the same performance in all simple to complex conditions.

e)     Flexibility

A program should be flexible and machine-independent. In short, it should not be system-specific.

f)       Adaptability

A program should adapt to new features, even for the same module. Accordingly, it could be easily updated to meet the new requirements.

g)     Cost effectivity

A program must be cost-effective, in terms of cost and human cost, throughout its lifespan.

Who is a programmer?

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A computer specialist/ software developer who develops executable computer programs to perform various functions.

Characteristics of a good programmer:

Do you want to improve yourself as a good programmer? Here are some tips!

a)     Inclination towards learning

Technology is evolving rapidly; therefore, a programmer’s ability to learn new skills and abilities should always be analogous. Granted, his willingness to know is the most crucial trait of a programmer.

b)     Problem-solving skills

A great programmer has outstanding problem-solving skills, and challenging situations do not intimidate him.

c)      Debugging skills

Good programmers must be able to investigate a given code and get to the root of a problem quickly. Moreover, they should be able to research possible issues and find a solution.

d)     Restraints

A good programmer can quickly build an effective program using fewer resources. Accordingly, he must be highly skilled in the art of coding in terms of time and space complexity.

What is programming?

Programming is a process of implementing logic to facilitate specified computing operations and accomplish a precise computing result. Furthermore, It’s a high-tech skill determined by the quality of the resulting program or software.

This process involves the following steps;

a)     Problem definition

The analysis of problem and listing of ways to reach its solution.

b)     Maintenance

The process of fixing errors and making the program more sustainable.

c)     Review

Finally, a program examines the code for proper use.

What is a programming language?


It is a formal language comprising a set of instructions that a computer understands to perform a specific task.

As we all know, every language has its own grammatical rules and essential elements. So, just like that, computer program languages are also made up of different elements. The fundamental elements of code are called syntax.

Following is a list of some elementary components of a programming language;

  1. Programming Environment
  2. Data structures
  3. Variables
  4. Control structures
  5. Keywords
  6. Loops
  7. Arrays
  8. Output and Input operations

Major types of a programming language;

There are different types of programming languages. Namely,

  1. Object-oriented Programming Language
  2.  Procedural Programming Language
  3. Object-oriented Programming Language
  4.  Functional Programming Language
  5. Scripting Programming Language
  6. Logic Programming Language

Most popular applications of programming languages

There are lots of applications of programming languages. For instance,

  1. Python
  2. Java
  3. R
  4. JavaScript
  5. Swift
  6. C++
  7. C#
  8. PHP
  9. SQL
  10. Go

This is all about basic knowledge of computer software design, in brief. At last, I want to say, if you have an interest in this field now, then you are all set to go. Good luck!

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